Our Services

Edging & Mulching

Some of the final steps to the perfect beautiful yard are edging and mulching. MJW Services installs edging to create barriers between turf, planting beds, and other areas of the yard. Edging is a practical way to provide isolation for groundcover, spreading plants, grasses, & weeds, all while creating a crisp neat finished appearance of your property.

There many benefits to mulching and various different options available. MJW Services experienced team members will work with you to identify and select the best mulching options for you. Applying mulch helps protect your soil’s moisture levels, prevent weeds, and adds nutrient value to the soil, all while adding an aesthetically pleasing look for your landscape.

Our Edging & Mulching services include:

Weeding – planting beds

Hand-Cutting Edges – creating, cleaning, re-defining

Borders Edges – stone, paver, brick, composite, wood, metal, plastic, concrete


Applying/Spreading a variety of nutrient enriched composts, bark, & mulches

Raking and smoothing existing garden mulches