Our Services

Turf/Lawn Care & Restoration

Turf/lawn care is the process of managing the overall vigor of the turf and soil. This involves ongoing maintenance of your turf, including; dethatching, aerating, fertilization, weed control, soil health, and disease management.

Lawn restoration is improving deteriorating turf to an enhanced condition. This involves the expertise of MJW Services to detect & correct the turf’s/lawn’s underlying problems such as drought, over-watering, drainage issues, poor soil conditions, inappropriate turf, inadequate nutrition, weed/insect infestation, thatch buildup, and improper mowing.

Our Lawn Services include:



Top Dressing – with organic sandy topsoil mix or enriched composted mulch

Overseeding – with premium grass seed designed for our Pacific Northwest weather

Liming – apply for proper PH balance

Fertilizing – to provide nutrients and stimulate turf/lawn growth

With over 30 years of experience, we have developed proven remedies for vigorous and vibrant turf/lawns here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).