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Pruning & Hedging

Pruning & hedging are a combination of art, skill, and knowledge. Pruning & hedge trimming stimulates proper growth, admits air and light into the interior of plants, removes broken or diseased parts, and contains & guides the plant into filling out to its full potential.

MJW Services specializes in having trained, experienced experts in the field of technical pruning, methodically working to exceed our client’s expectations throughout the year.

Our Pruning & Hedging Services include:

Technical Pruning

Topiary Pruning

Hedge Trimming
View Enhancements – size reduction, skirting, windowing

Storm Damage Pruning – repairs or reshaping

Shrub & Tree Removal – damaged or hazardous


Staking & Chain Locking – secure newly planted or damaged shrubs & trees

Stump Grinding

Hedge Trimming